Sunday, October 18, 2015

On the way to Deoria tal

Contants - Deoria Tal / Tungnath 

                         On the way to Deoria tal
                         Deoria  Tal

Since long time I was planning to visit Valley of flower and Hemkund Sahib and this time I blocked the dates for last week of Aug  but  the news of cloud burst in that area in which 2-3 bridges washed away  had forced me to cancel my program.

In September during a long week end  as Eid was falling on Friday (Sep. 25th), I  hurriedly made a plan to visit Deoria tal & Tungnath by Bus.When somehow this plan was disclosed to few  of my colleagues  and they also showed a keen  interest for the trip and finally we decided to go by our own car so that we could save our time.


We four  started our Journey on Sep.24th by leaving little early from the office and reached Rishikesh by 9.45 PM. We stayed in one of my favourite hotels run by Uttrakhnad Government (Garhwal Mandal Vikas Nigam – GMVN).  

Hotel GMVN


We booked 4 bed room (family room) which cost us 730/- and at the same time we ordered our dinner too as hotel restaurants usually closed by 10.00 PM.  , after checked in we had our dinner in the restaurant and went for sleep as we had to wake up at 4.00 AM to leave for  Rishikesh .

Waiting for Dinner

Next day morning we started our journey further  by 5.00 AM .It was chill there in the atmosphere. Cool breeze was making our journey more enjoyable as we were away from the harsh heat of Delhi. We reached Byasi by 6.00 AM which is 32 kms from Rishikesh. Byasi is popular destination for adventure sports like rafting, rappelling, rock climbing etc.


We had our Tea and proceeded for Devprayag which is 35 kms from Byasi and were dropped at Devprayag by 7.30AM. 



Devprayag is one of the “Panch Prayag” where Bhagirathi from Gangotri & Alaknanda from Kedarnath meet and form “GANGA”. It is the birth place of Ganga. We captured few pictures of the sangam of two rivers from the road only and moved further.

Origin of GANGA

After 35 kms we reached Srinagar by 8.30 AM . It is one of the biggest towns situated in the foothills of majestic Himalayas and on the banks of Alaknanda  River.  We stopped there for our breakfast. 

In between Srinagar & Rudarpryag there is place called Kalyasaur where we visited Dhari Devi. It houses the upper half of an idol of the goddess Dhari & Lower part is at Kalimath Temple. Now it is relocated on pillars in 2013 as the original place is under the water due the dam contruction in that area.

Dhari Devi

After 35 kms from Srinagar we reached Rudarprayag  by 10.00 AM  , named after Shiva (Rudra). Here Alaknanda river from Badrinath and Madakani river from Kedarnath meet

From Rudarprayag the road separated for Kedarnath & Badrinath, left road goes to Kedarnath & right one towards Badrinath.We took the Kedarnath road & about 10 kms later we crossed Tilwara.  At Tilwara ,  road coming from Tehri meets the main road coming from Rishekesh to Kedarnath / Badrinath. 

On the way we  passed through Augstmuni. On reaching Kund here again there is a diversion where left road goes to Guptkashi/Kedarnath and right hand side road goes to Ukhimath / Chopta. 

We took right hand side road and continued our journey and reached Ukhimath by 11.30AM. Village Sari which is the base camp for going to Deoria Tal was 12 kms away from Ukhimath and  we took around  45 mins to reach there.

Around 12.30 PM we were at Village Sari.There we had our lunch cooked with fresh vegetables grown in the kitchen garden of the owner of the restaurant. It was very simple cooked  tasty organic  food.

Village Sari - Base camp for Deoria Tal

After taking rest we started our trekking to Deoria Tal.  In Next post I will take you to Deoria Tal...........................


  1. Nothing like a trip with friends. Superb pics from your visit, particularly the one from heights!

    1. Thanks Indrani for going through the post and leaving comment.

  2. Looks that you had a lovely time on the way to Deoria Tal.Loved the origin of Ganga photo very much.

    Sriram & Krithiga

  3. महेश जी धारा देवी मन्दिर वोही है ना, जिसके हटाने के कुछ घंटों मे ही केदारनाथ में प्रलय आ गई थी, कहते है की यह उस क्षेत्र की कुल देवी है।

  4. सर आपका लेख आसान भाषा मे हैं मैं अभी तक इसी डर से नहीं आता था कि आप english मे लिखते हैं। अब आता रहूंगा।

  5. सर आपका लेख आसान भाषा मे हैं मैं अभी तक इसी डर से नहीं आता था कि आप english मे लिखते हैं। अब आता रहूंगा।

  6. Finally I got this post and travelling with you . Never traveled on this road from Rudraprayag. Informative

  7. अच्छी जानकारी सही फोटो के साथ...उपयोगी किसी के लिए वहा जाने में...धन्यवाद सेमवाल साहब