Thursday, July 28, 2016

When Adventure met Faith Part -II ( Helang - Kalpeshwar - Dumak)

Next Day morning we got up around 5.00 AM and got ready by 6.00 AM. We all wanted to start as soon as possible as we were behind the schedule we planned. We had to cover the distance which we were supposed to cover the previous day along with that day’s plan.  Today was going to be a tough day as we have to trek 20 kms in which 12-13 kms will be steep. Today’s final destination was Dumak & our inspirational punch line was “ Thumak Thumak ke chale Dumak”. 

Monday, July 25, 2016

When Adventure met Faith - Part - I ( On the way to Helang)

When I got to know that some of my Ghumakkar friends are planning to trek Kapeshwar – Rudarnath & the route they have chosen was not the common route but it was actually a  difficult trek so I thought of not letting this opportunity go. 

When Adventure met Faith