Wednesday, August 10, 2016

When Adventure met Faith Part - IV (Panaar - Rudarnath - Panchganga)

It was around 5.30 AM when we were awake and still it was very cold and we were not in mood to come out from our Beds. Finally around 6.00 AM we came downstairs. The landscapes were mind blowing which we could not see day before as it was dark by the time we reached Pannar.

Immediately I took out my camera and started capturing the breath taking views of Pannar. We hanged out nearby for 15 – 20 mins and then came back to hotel. 

We didn’t wait for the breakfast as he was taking time to prepare  so we decided to have it on the  way to  Rudarnath  as it could rain any time. 

We started our journey around 7.30 AM for Rudarnath  which is around 08 kms from Punaar. Punch line for the day was “Chale sath sath Pahunche Rudarnath”. 

Further trek was very steep high till Pitardhar . It is situated at a height of 3800 Mtrs above from the sea level which is the highest point of this trek. 

After Pitar dhar further trek was downhill, clouds started getting black and it rain could any time.  Two kms before Panchganga it started raining.  I took out my poncho from my bag and covered myself and bag started walking towards Panchganga. It was not easy to walk with poncho which I had already experienced while coming from Dumak to Punaar.  Anyhow we reached Panchganga, 500 mtrs before  Panchganga there is a path on left side which goes to Naula pass – Ansuya – Mandal which we will be  covering next day. 

 There is only one hotel in Panchganga where there is a facility of lodging and food. When I reached, there were already almost 15-20 people sitting inside. I also joined my team members there who were already reached before me. We ordered Maggi and tea for breakfast. 

By the time we finished our breakfast it also stopped raining. We decided to leave our bags there only and left for Rudarnath  at 11.30 AM .Rudarnath  is around 3 kms from Panchganga. 
Due to rain the trek was muddy and slippery, it was very difficult to walk on such trek. Trek was painful but the surrounding was very scenic and rewarding.  The route till Rudarnath is almost horizontal. 

Rudarnath could be seen from almost 02 kms before,  500mtrs before Rudarnath one can see small gate with bells. After crossing this gate there is Narad kund and Narad temple. 300-400 mtrs  before the temple there is a provision to clean  the  feet first and then should be  heading for the temple.  

Finally  I reached Rudarnath around 12.30 PM.the rest of the members including Pandatji (Priest)  were waiting for me only for the afternoon prayer (Bhoj Arti) as all of them had already reached before me. 

Rudarnath is considered to be the fourth and  toughest among all Panch kedar, it is situated at a height of 3500 mtrs above from the sea level. The Mukh or the face  of the bull is worshipped  here.

After Arti we came out of the temple then we actually appreciated the beauty of the surroundings as if an artist painted the Green meadows, blue sky & white clouds on his canvas and left his masterpiece behind. We captured the scenic beauty and started moving towards Panchganga back. 

We decided to stay at Panchganga so we were not in hurry. On our way we stopped many a times to enjoy the climate as there was no rain and clicked the pictures of mesmerizing beauty of Himalaya. 

We reached back Panchganga around 3.00 PM and ordered lunch as we were feeling too hungry since we had just Maggi in the morning. We enjoyed Kadi and rice sitting outside under sun which was an awesome experience.   

After lunch we took out our wet clothes and spread them on ground to make them dry. 

After 5.00 PM temperature started falling and we had also started feeling cold. We went inside the room and took out blankets and ordered Tea. 

After chatting for a while we felt like sleeping so we had our dinner around 9.00 PM.Then immediately we went to bed as everyone was severely tired and fell asleep.

Last post of this series will be coming soon ...............


  1. Awesome vistas!
    The very word "bugyal" drives me crazy!

    1. Bugyal (Meadows) makes everyone crazy
      :-)....Thanks for your comment.

  2. जय भोले नाथ।
    महेश ही बहुत ही सुंदर यात्रा वृतांत।

  3. Once again Everything in order Mahesh ji
    Beautiful Photographs,detailed and meaningful explaination,

  4. Again a great post Sir! :)
    Breathtaking pictures and beautiful description! :)
    Keep writing! :)

    1. Thanks a lot for liking the post and leaving comment.

  5. बहुत खूब महेश जी। मिश्रा का भाग कर वापिस पंचगंगा आना, और मैग्गी के कटोरे का भक्षण करते हुए पाया जाना और दिन के लंच का ढाबे वाले को आर्डर ना देना....ये भी एक इस दिन की मुख्य हाईलाइट थी। :)

  6. Great story with great pics. I loved the one eating in the open. :P

  7. नरेश सहगलAugust 11, 2016 at 4:31 PM

    Nice description and Good going Mahesh ji. Keep it up.

  8. Beautiful description of Rudra Nath yatra.Faith is the biggest power.Beautiful landscapes captured. Thanks for sharing your experiences,would love read more of new and old adventures.

  9. Beautiful description of Rudra Nath yatra.Faith is the biggest power.Beautiful landscapes captured. Thanks for sharing your experiences,would love read more of new and old adventures.

  10. It was quite interesting and informative to reach the toughest temple of Lord Shiva known as Panch Kedar . Beauty of mountains always relax you and gives energy to go ahead to the destination but actual "anand" is not in destination but is on the way , we travel . Thnx mahesh jo for sharing a great write up with us . Keep it up

    1. Thanks a lot for going through the post and leaving comment.

    2. Thanks a lot for going through the post and leaving comment.